About The Blue Bower

The Blog
The Blue Bower is just one corner on the web dedicated to the preservation and downright fangirling of great art. With an emphasis on the Pre-Raphaelites but by no means limited to them, this blog is my attempt to share some of the pieces that moves me. Named after The Blue Bower by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and opened on his birthday, welcome.

The Author
Growing up as one of the granddaughters of Fats Waller I was constantly surrounded by the music. Possessing no great talent of my own, I quickly discovered that lyrics were really another form of poetry and from a young age voraciously read any poems I could get my hands on. When I was 13 I discovered Hamlet and learned of Millias’ Ophelia. That planted the seed of my love of the Pre-Raphaelites and seeing Rossetti’s Prosperine made it take root. Since then the Pre-Raphaelites have always been one of my enduring great loves, along with tea, the movie Labyrinth and naps. You can follow me on twitter @thebluebower


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