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Good afternoon! I hope everyone in the US is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, those of you in the UK are enjoying your bank holiday and everyone else is just enjoying the (hopefully warmer) days. I am almost done recovering from a rather nasty bout of food poisoning and I hope to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Pre-Raphaelite exhibit this week. While convalescing I wasn’t able to sit up for more than 30 minute spurts at a time which meant a lot of laying down, browsing the internet on my phone. During one of my customary Etsy run-throughs (I am slightly addicted to the site) it occurred to me that I might highlight some shops that are of a particular interest to Pre-Raphaelite fans. First up? Parrish Relics!

Parrish Relics is where Jen Parrish puts out some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve had the privilege of seeing. Her work would be right at home in not only Medieval & Renaissance times, but the Victorian and our current era well. It’s timeless. Jen particularly has a way of working with stained glass that takes my breath away. She first came to my attention when I was watching Showtime’s show The Tudors and COVETED Anne Boleyn’s iconic B necklace. Parrish Relics’s version was the best I had seen (I’m not 100% sure if Jen actually did the jewelry for the show but I wouldn’t be surprised)  and I quickly fell down the rabbit hole of her store. Jen has informed me that she did jewelry for a special Showtime did about the Tudors but not the show itself. Thanks for the update Jen!

I own two pieces by Parrish Relics, both bracelets. They resemble this (stock photo from Parrish Relics):parrish relics

With the words “Soar” on one and “Believe” on the other.




Some pieces that are of particular interest to the Pre-Raphaelite fan, all sold alas but you can get an idea:


Pomona pictorial pendant, based on the work by Edward Burne-Jones & William Morris

Sibylla Palmifera

Sibylla Palmifera pictorial pendant, based on the Dante Gabriel Rossetti picture.


Ophelia pictorial pendant, based on the work by John Everett Millais

I have been lusting after at this next pendant for months but it always sells out before I can grab it! YOU WILL BE MINE ONE DAY TUDOR ROSE *shakes fist*

tudor rose








Lastly, this next pendant is still for sale! Hop on it! Pictorial pendant based on In Praise of Venus by Edward Burne-Jones:

In Praise of Venus



There’s many more different types of jewelry (I could devote an entire blog to her work with the Unicorn Tapestries) but you get the general idea. Parrish Relics does not keep a running stock so if you see something in the shop that you like, it’s best to pick it up immediately. Unless it’s a Tudor Rose pendant then you may hold off for as long as you like until I get one *grin* You can find Parrish Relics store on Etsy, at their blog and Jen tweets at @parrishrelics.